With Veritas Christian Study Abroad, all programs are designed to include mission experience and education, both in and out of the classroom.
Service possibilities could include:

Campus Ministries
Children's Minisries (teaching Sunday School or tutoring)
Orphanage Ministry
Refugee Ministry
Special Needs or Elder Care
English Clubs
School Outreach
Leading Worship
Homeless Ministry

"I cannot express in words how grateful I am to have gone to Chile and experience a semester with Veritas. God showed up in my life in a real way and stretched me to my limits. I grew so much and hope to continue to grow from what I learned while in Chile. Lorna, the mentor, is amazing and definitely anointed to do her job, her ministry. The mission work is a blessing and changes you more than you change it."

Amber D, Texas A & M
Chile Fall 2013

Studying abroad has been the most incredible experience for me. I have grown so much as a person, as a follower of Christ, and as a global citizen. Working with Veritas made this trip even better! All of the staff genuinely took care of us and continually checked in on us to make sure that our time abroad was successful. I have become much more open minded to different world cultures and people as a result of studying abroad. I would recommend it anyone and everyone!

Chloe W.
London, England 2012

My prayer entering into my study abroad experience was that God would redefine my definition of "home" not as a place or feeling of comfort, but as wherever He calls me to be. Not only has that prayer become a reality, but I have grown in so many ways that were unforeseen to me. Witnessing the way the church is shockingly different here than at home has expanded my understanding of the body of Christ and caused me to see myself and the church in America in a new light.

Abbie C.
Rome, Italy 2012

Veritas is an amazing program and I wouldn't take back my experience for the world. It challenges you in ways that you might not think of and it is so exciting to learn more about yourself as well as the world around you. It broadens your worldview and you really grow as an individual. As Christians, we are all called to be world changers and in order to change the world, we must learn about the world. This is a wonderful opportunity to do that. I loved my experience so much!

Angela M.
Sevilla, Spain 2012

Veritas has helped me gain insight into myself, who God is, what it means to give God control, and what it looks like to lose that control.  I can´t begin to describe how much this trip has touched me and changed the course of my future. I never want to stop this process of growth that started with Veritas. God is doing big things in people´s lives through this program!

Kaitlin B.
Valparaiso, Chile 2012